How To Draw A Cute Bunny Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hello everyone, today i will teach how to draw a cute bunny drawing easy step by step. If you want to see the tutorial of the video check below. video is available.

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How To Draw A Cute Bunny Drawing

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We have provided step by step process on the bunny drawing article. If you follow us you can learn any diagram to draw.

Step:-1 Draw the shape of the long ears

Draw long ears of the bunny.
Draw long ears of the bunny.

Let’s start the first step of the bunny. first draw the long ears of the bunny. Draw reversed U shape as the long ear.

Again draw the reversed U shape attached with the first reversed U shape. When you are drawing you may use pen paper and while you are drawing maintain a flat and smooth surface of the desk.

Step:-2 Draw the face and body of the bunny

Body of thebunny.
Body of the bunny.

By following the step one, now draw the face and body of the bunny. Draw the oval shape attached to the long ears of the bunny.

Draw the curved line attached to the face of the bunny and draw the legs of the bunny .

Step:-3 Draw the tail of the bunny

Draw tail of the bunny.
Draw tail of the bunny.

After completing the above steps, now draw the tail of the bunny. Draw the three round curves back side of the bunny as shown in figure.

Then draw the small round shape in the face and again draw two circles inside the first circle this circles implies eye of the bunny.

Step:-4 Sketch the colors in bunny drawing

color the bunny drawing
Color the bunny drawing

Now draw the violet color inside the long hair. and draw red color for mouth. And draw the three whiskers of the bunny.

Draw violet to the tail. Now draw the five heart shapes beside the bunny and color it with red color.

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How to draw bunny step by step
How to draw bunny step by step

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