How To Draw A Carrot Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hi everyone, let’s learn how to draw a carrot drawing easy step by step. If you want to see the tutorial of the video you can see below. it is available.

Video By: Art Galaxy

How To Draw A Carrot Drawing

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Step:-1 Draw the shape of the carrot

Shape of the carrot.
Shape of the carrot.

Let’s start the first step of the carrot. First draw the shape of the carrot. Draw the two parallel cross lines. And the one end should be sharp and one end should be curves shape.

You can draw the diagram with the help of sketch and paper while you are drawing you can take a smooth and flat surface of the carrot.

Step:-2 Draw the stem and leaf of the carrot

Draw the stem and leaf.
Draw the stem and leaf.

By following the step one, now draw the stem and leaf of the carrot. Draw the two cross lines and then continue in zigzag manner.

It will be looks like leaf. You have to draw the stem and leaf as shown in figure.

Step:-3 Sketch the carrot with orange color

sketch the carrot.
sketch the carrot.

After completing the above steps, now sketch the carrot with orange color. The real color of the carrot is orange so if we sketch the carrot with orange, it will looks like the real carrot.

Step:-4 Sketch the stem and leaf with green color

sketch the stem. Carrot drawing
sketch the stem.

Now sketch the stem and leaf with the help of green color. Coloring the picture helps to look good and realistic.

And when you are sketching keep full attention on it to avoid mistakes. Don’t draw outside of the boarder.

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How to draw carrot step by step
How to draw carrot step by step

About carrot

There are a lot of nutrients in this crunchy, tasty snack. The beta carotene, fiber, vitamins K1, potassium, and antioxidants in carrots (1 ) are particularly good for you.

There are numerous other health benefits as well. Foods rich in these nutrients can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, and improve your vision.

  • Winter is a good time to plant carrots. …
  • Water makes up 88% of carrots! …
  • Colors vary among carrots. …
  • Raw carrots have fewer health benefits than cooked carrots. …
  • Seeds are present in carrots.

To tell if fresh carrots are fresh, they should be crisp and smooth with no blemishes. Smaller types are more tender; orange-colored varieties contain more carotene.

You can use carrots in salads, relishes, stews, soups, and as a cooked vegetable. The root of the carrot is used for vitamin A deficiency. 


Finally we have provided you the best carrot drawing. Thanks for reading this article.

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