How To Draw A Corgi Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw Corgi drawing step by step. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw a Corgi easy.

How To Draw A Corgi Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Face of Corgi

Drawing Corgi3

Begin by drawing a circle. This will help you sketch the cartoon corgi’s head.Begin sketching the dog’s face.

Start with the snout. Use curved lines to sketch the nose, upper jaw, and open mouth. Use short lines to add a bit of furry texture where the snout joins the rest of the face.

Step 2. Drawing The Ears of Corgi

Drawing Corgi Ears

Outline the ears, cheeks, and ruff of the neck. Use curved lines to craft the rounded triangular ears, and overlapping curved lines for the furry neck.

Detail the inner ears with overlapping curved lines. Erase the guidelines of the original circle, leaving a clean outline of the face.

Step 3. Drawing The Hair of Corgi

Drawing Corgi1

Complete the details of the face. Use thick curved lines to outline the eyes. Then, draw a series of successively smaller ovals within each eye. Shade between the two smallest to form the pupil. Enclose pointed, curved shapes above each eye to indicate eyebrows.

Then, use a series of curved lines to draw a stripe between the eyes that extends to the nose.

Draw the fur of the cartoon corgi’s chest using a series of short, curved, overlapping lines and lines that meet at points. The chest should be roughly an inverted triangle in shape.

Step 4. Coloring The Corgi Drawing

Coloring Corgi Drawing

Begin to draw the cartoon corgi’s body. Use a curved line to outline the back, and a pair of curved lines to outline the foreleg.

Note the pointed tuft of fur at the ankle. Then, use overlapping curved lines to enclose the toes and paw. Draw a second leg and paw emerging from behind the first, and use a curved line to begin the outline of the belly.

Use curved lines to outline the belly, hip, and rump. Note the tufts of fur here and there made of lines that meet at a point. Use a series of parallel curved lines to sketch the furry legs. Then, enclose the toes and paws using overlapping curved lines.

Draw the corgi’s tiny tail. Use a curved line for the top of the tail and a series of short lines that meet at jagged points for the furry bottom of the tail.

how to draw corgi drawing
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of The Corgi. I Hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the corgi drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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