How To Draw A Cowboy Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw a cowboy drawing step by step. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw cowboy easy.

How To Draw A Cowboy Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Hat Of Cowboy

Drawing Cowboy3

Begin by drawing the cowboy hat. Use a curved, loosely “M” shaped line to draw the top or crown of the hat.

Draw two curved lines at the base of the crown to form the hatband. From each side of the hatband, extend a curved line to form the brim. Draw another curved line across the front of the hat to form the down turned front of the brim.

Draw the cowboy’s face. Outline the cheeks and eyes using curved lines. Within each eye, shade a large circle to indicate the pupil.

Use thick curved lines for the eyebrows, and curved lines for the nose, mouth, corner of the mouth, and dimple of the chin.

Step 2. Drawing The Hands of Cow Boy

Drawing Cowboy2

Use curved lines to trace the sides of the head, cheeks, and chin. Draw the ears using “C” shaped lines, and use curved lines to detail their interiors.

Outline the sideburns – hair in front of the ears – using curved lines. Draw two curved triangles below the head to outline the neck and shirt collar.Use pairs of curved lines to outline the upper and lower arm.

Draw a curved line at the top of the sleeve to indicate the seam, and allow an overlap at the elbow. Use overlapping curved lines to enclose the hand and fingers. Draw two large “U” shaped lines meeting the hand at both sides.

This is part of the cowboy’s rope. Use pairs of curved lines to sketch the sides of the torso, upper arm, and lower arm. Draw curved lines at the elbow and end of the sleeve.

Then, use overlapping curved lines to enclose the hand and fingers. Contour the palm with a short line.

Step 3. Drawing The top Rope of Cow boy

Drawing Cowboy1

Draw a long curved line from one hand to the other, extending the rope. Then, draw another curved line upward from the raised hand.

At its top, shade a small irregular shape and draw a large horizontal oval. This forms the lasso. Draw a square in the middle of the torso to form the belt buckle.

Then, draw a smaller square and oval within it. Extend a pair of curved lines on each side of the buckle to form the belt, and connect them on each end.Next, draw his holsters and revolvers. On one side, enclose an irregular shape and attach it to the belt buckle with a curved line.

On the other, draw a triangle beneath the belt with a curved line extending downward. Above each holster, use curved lines to draw the irregular shapes of the gun’s grip and hammer.

Step 4. Coloring The Cowboy

Cowboy Drawing

Draw a four-sided shape to enclose the chaps that protect the cowboy’s leg. Contour the leather with a curved line.

Below this, enclose a small half circle and two irregular shapes to form the cowboy boot.Use curved lines to enclose the remaining leg, chap, and boot.

Don’t forget to contour the material with curved lines, or the semicircle adorning the boot.

how to draw cow boy drawing
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of The Cowboy. I Hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the cowboy drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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