How To Draw A Dog Drawing Easy (Step by Step)

In this post, you will learn how to draw a dog drawing easy step By step guide. Watch the tutorial given below to see how to draw a dog. We all are dog lovers. Thats why we come to this article?

If you want a step by step guide how to draw a dog easy, it is given below. You can see that.

How To Draw A Dog Drawing Steps:

Please follow the instructions below to learn how to draw dog easy.

Step: 1 Drawing the head of the dog

how to draw a dog easy
how to draw a dog easy

The first step for drawing a dog is to draw eyes. After drawing a small semicircle up and then draw the nose. Colour the nose with a pencil. After drawing a smiling mouth. At the last of this first step, you have to draw ears.

Step: 2 Draw the body and legs of dog

dog drawing
dog drawing

The second step is easy. You have to draw the dog’s body, and after drawing two legs for a dog, you will get an introductory look at the dog. I think you will like it.

Step: 3 Draw the legs and tail of dog

how to draw a dog
how to draw a dog

The third step is to complete the whole picture in this step. So you have to draw the tail of the dog. And after you have to draw the other 2 legs of the dog. And draw the dog’s other ear; therefore, your dog picture is completed. If you cannot understand what I am writing, you can watch a YouTube video.

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How to draw dog step by step
Video By: QWE Art

Conclusion :-

I think you loved drawing a dog. This dog picture is straightforward and easy. If you have any queries, you are pleased to comment below. Thank you.

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