How To Draw A Fairy Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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In this article we will show you how to draw a fairy drawing easy step by step. You can watch the below video tutorial on how to draw fairy easy.

Video By: Farjana Drawing Academy

How To Draw A Fairy Drawing

See the below article on how to draw fairy step by step and you can see our website for more drawing. I prefer you to read this article because we provide step by step explanation on how to draw the fairy easy.

Step: 1 Drawing the moon of the fairy

fairy drawing
fairy drawing

First, let’s take the first step, draw the long curve of the moon. Next, draw the line in the middle of the curved moon.

Take 2 cm, 3 cm, 5.8 cm on the line with the help of pencil and paper. The drawing should be done on a flat surface without disturbances on a desk with a smooth surface.

Step: 2 Draw the body of fairy

how to draw fairy
how to draw fairy

After completing step one, in step two we have to draw the body of the fairy with a long frock and one leg out from the frock.

While coming to the upper part of the fairy draw the shaped line and join the line to the long frock. Draw the hand of the fairy.

Step: 3 Draw the face of fairy

how to draw a fairy
how to draw a fairy

Following the drawing of the fairy face and hair. Draw the eyes of the fairy and draw the smooth and soft hair of the fairy. We should have to draw the nose and lips of the fairy.

Step: 4 Draw the wings of fairy

how to draw a fairy drawing
how to draw a fairy drawing

After completing the three steps we have to draw the wings of the fairy. Next, draw the flowers at the waist and the two flowers at the hair. And draw a few stars at the hand.

If you want more info about what I draw, please read the paragraph below so that I can tell you more about what I draw.

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How to draw fairy step by step
How to draw fairy step by step

Interesting Facts About fairy

Fairies are supposed to be magical beings that fly through the air. Their appearance is typically that of a tiny girl or woman.

Certain fairies have specific jobs, like the tooth fairy, who leaves money or treats under the pillow of children whose teeth fall out.

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Historically, the term fairy has referred to certain kinds of magical powers and a penchant for tricks.

A magical creature has also been described using this term, including goblins and gnomes.

In some instances, fairy has been equated with enchantment or magic. These beings also come from the land of fairies, and so it is also a name for the place they originate.


In this article, you will learn how to draw a fairy drawing using the above methods. You are welcome to comment below if you have any questions, and if you would like to see more drawings like this, visit our website. Thanks for reading.

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