How To Draw A Globe Drawing

Hello all, let’s learn how to draw a globe drawing step by step. You can watch the video tutorial on youtube.

How To Draw Globe
How To Draw Globe

How To Draw A Globe Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw the shape of globe

How To Draw A Globe Drawing

Let’s start on the first step of the globe. Draw draw a line in the middle of the paper.

Draw the circle with the help of protractor and keep the protractor in middle of the line and extend the other side of the protractor where we arranged the pencil and draw a circle.

After that extend the protractor to some length draw the half circle of the left side. Again draw the half circle by extending some length of the protractor and join the the two half circles of the protractor.

Step: 2 Draw stand of the globe

How To Draw The Globe

Following step one, in step two draw parallel lines and attach to the half circle of the protractor.

Now attach the curve to the parallel lines and draw the straight line as the base of the protractor.

Step: 3 Draw map on the globe

How To Draw Earth Globe Drawing

After completing the three steps draw the basic lines and curved lines as a map pointing in the middle of the circle. The shapes will texture the maps.

Step: 4 Start coloring the globe

Easy Globe Drawing

Now draw the blue color in the circle. The blue color indicates the water of the globe.

Step: 5 Give the final touch to globe

Globe Drawing

Finally draw the green color to the extra part inside the circle. Here the green color indicates the forest area of the globe.

Draw the orange to the half circle and brown color to the base of the globe.

How to draw globe step by step
How to draw globe step by step


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