How To Draw A Jungle Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hello everyone, welcome to our website now iam going share how to draw a jungle drawing easy step by step. If you want to see tutorial of the video. It is available below.

Video By: Even Art

How To Draw A Jungle Drawing

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Step:-1 Draw the rectangular shape and draw trees of the jungle.

Draw the rectangular shape.
Draw the rectangular shape.

Let’s start first of the drawing article on the jungle. First draw the rectangular shape. You can also use scale to draw rectangular shape.

Draw the four rocks on the left hand side of the rectangle and draw a line at the bottom and draw few rocks.

After that draw the five trees at the bottom of the rectangular shape. Draw two parallel lines with small curves at an extent point and draw the small curves to draw half circle to the tree.

And draw two circles at the right hand side of the rectangle.

Step:-2 Sketch the trees with colors.

Sketch the trees.
Sketch the trees.

By following the step, now draw the colors to the trees. Draw the light green for first tree and draw the thick green for the next.

Do the same thing for the remaining trees. After that draw the blue color to the middle of the trees.

Step:3 Draw the different colors to the jungle.

color the jungle.
color the jungle.

After completing the above steps, Now draw the brown color to the tree. Draw the black color to the rocks. After that draw the middle part which is from trees to rocks with the help of green and yellow shade.

Sketch the green color to the grass behind rocks. By shading the green and yellow colors . it helps to show realistic jungle.

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How to draw jungle step by step
How to draw jungle step by step

About Jungle

There are trees and animals in a jungle, which is a dense forest. There can be danger in a jungle, which is why people say, “It’s a jungle out there!”

Jungles are dense tropical forests filled with life including birds, insects, reptiles, monkeys, and often even gorillas. Jungles consist of what?

Plants and vines grow in large quantities in jungles because of their thick forests. Although they share many characteristics with rainforests, they are different.

Jungles have tangles of trees and are densely covered with trees; they are usually in warm climates with high rainfall.

Rainforests have extremely thick canopies, and the ground becomes completely shaded by the trees. You can’t get anywhere through them because their floors are thick with vines, shrubbery, and tons of insects.


I hope you like this drawing of jungle. If you like this drawing visit our website for more information and more drawing. Thanks for reading.

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