How To Draw A King Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hi everyone today i want to show you how to draw a king drawing step by step. If you want to see the tutorial of the video it is available below. Visit our website for more information.

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How To Draw A King Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw the crown of the king

Draw king crown drawing
Draw king crown drawing

Let’s start the first step of the drawing. First draw the shape of the crown. Draw straight line and draw draw zigzag lines of the crown with the help of pencil and paper.

While you are drawing you have to use flat and smooth surface of the desk.

Step: 2 Draw the face of the king

draw face of king
Draw face of king.

By following the step one now draw the face of the king. Draw a half circle attached to the crown and draw the two circles as the eyes and two ears. Draw mouth as curve shaped finally draw the hair in zigzag manner.

Step: 3 Draw the body of the king

draw body of king
Draw body of king.

Draw the shape of the body. Draw the neck and draw the waist part by extending the neck line and draw the hands of the king.

Step: 4 Draw the legs of the king and color the king

draw legs of king. How To Draw A King Drawing
Draw legs of king.

After completing the above steps, Now draw the legs of the king by extending the line from the waist part an draw the colors.

First take yellow color to draw the crown and badges of the king. Now take the blue color to draw the shirt and draw black color for hair and draw the brown color to the face and violet color to the pant.

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How to draw king step by step
How to draw king step by step

Interesting Facts About King

As a result of inheritance, kings rule countries. When a king comes to power, he usually succeeds a family member who died as the previous monarch. It is possible to become king after the previous monarch abdicates, such as George VI.

Today, the king’s duties are mostly ceremonial and representative. According to the Constitution, whenever it mentions: “the executive power is vested in the King”, this is now understood to mean that it has been given to the Government.

An emperor, who may be subject to a queen, is king’s highest rank, the sovereign over a nation or territory. Akbar the Great. King Akbar was the greatest monarch in Indian history and a member of the Mughal Empire. During the reign of the Mughal emperor Humayun, Hamida Banu Begum gave him birth in 1542.


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