How To Draw A Middle Finger Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Welcome to all, today i want to show you how to draw a middle finger drawing easy step by step process. If you want to see the tutorial of the video you can see below it is available. Visit our website for more information.

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How To Draw A Middle Finger Drawing

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Step:-1 Draw the middle finger of the hand

Draw the middle finger.
Draw the middle finger.

Let’s start the first step of the middle finger of the hand. first draw the middle finger. draw two parallel straight lines and curve the ends to join the parallel lines as shown in figure.

You can draw the diagram with the help of pen and paper and while you are drawing you can maintain a smooth and flat surface of the desk.

Step:-2 Draw the remaining three fingers of the hand

Draw remaining 3 fingers.
Draw remaining 3 fingers.

By following the step one, now draw the remaining fingers of the hand. draw the remaining fingers as closed fingers. Draw the two fingers on the right side.

Draw two small parallel lines and draw an arc to join the parallel lines. Do same to the little finger. and draw the other finger on the left side as shown in the finger.

Step:-3 Draw the thumb of the hand

Draw nail.
Draw nail

After completing the above steps, now draw the thumb finger of the hand. Draw cross line from left finger and attach to the ankle. And draw the nail of the finger in the shape of square.

Step:-4 Shade the middle finger drawing

Shade the middle finger drawing
Shade the middle finger drawing

Now shade the fingers with the help of pencil. to show the finger realistic. Shade the boarders of the fingers .

About Middle Finger

Middle fingers are classified as limbs and digits. The middle finger is situated between the ring and index fingers. There are two names for the middle digit of the hand: digitus medius and digitus tertius.

Middle finger rings represent balance and order since they are in the center of the hand. Being the longest digit on both hands, this finger is usually the longest digit. Additionally, the middle finger represents masculinity since it is a man’s largest and boldest finger.

Many people use this finger to express their feelings; however, it is also a source of strength when it comes to grasping and holding onto things, especially when they are helping their loved one transfer from the bed to a chair or from the toilet to the bath. You are a caregiver who represents strength through this finger.

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How to draw middle finger step by step
How to draw middle finger step by step


Finally we have done the middle finger drawing. I hope you like the drawing article. if you like the article please visit our website for more information and more drawing articles.

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