How To Draw A Nurse Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw a Nurse drawing easy step by step guide. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw Nurse easy.

How To Draw A Nurse Drawing

If you want this kind of articles with easy ways of drawing, visit our website. Are you ready to draw a Nurse? So lets get started with this helpful tutorial.

Step 1. Drawing The Circle:

image 34

Begin by sketching the nurse’s face. Use an “L” shaped line for the nose. Beside it, use three curved lines to enclose the square anime-style eye.

Shade a circle inside it to indicate the pupil, and draw two curved lines above it to form the eyelid and brow.

Draw the remaining eye, again using curved lines to enclose its square shade. Shade the pupil, and draw two lines above it.

Then, stack three curved lines to draw the smiling lips.

Step 2. Drawing the hair of nurse

image 35

Use overlapping curved lines to outline the face – the contours of the hair, temple, cheek, chin, and ear.

Draw the cartoon nurse’s working cap. Use curved lines to enclose a four-sided shape. Within this shape, use short straight lines to outline a cross or plus shape.

Then, draw curved lines on each side of the head to outline the hair.

Step 3. Drawing The Body & Hands of nurse

nurse drawing

Draw two short lines downward from the face to form the neck, and connect them using two additional lines.

Draw “U” shaped lines on each side of the neck to form the collars of the garment. Draw a circular button between them. Extend curved lines to form the shoulders and upper arms.

Finally, use curved lines that meet at points to form the upturned curls at the bottom of the hair. Use curved lines to outline the lower arm and hand. Then draw a rectangle, partially hidden by the arm, to form the clipboard. Use curved lines to outline the torso and skirt, as well as the remaining arm.

Texture the fabric with short horizontal lines. Partially enclose an irregular rounded shape to form the thermometer. Band the bottom with a curved line, and draw a straight line down its length. Cross this line with numerous short lines.

Then, use overlapping curved lines to sketch the nurse’s thumb and finger.

Step 4. Drawing the legs of nurse

how to draw a nurse

Draw pairs of curved lines to form the legs. Then, outline the top, bottom, and heel of the shoes with “U” shaped lines. Color your cartoon nurse. 

Thanks for drawing with me.

How to draw nurse step by step
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the Nurse, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the nurse drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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