How To Draw A Phoenix Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

In this article i will show you how to draw a phoenix drawing step by step. If you want to see the tutorial video of the article link available below.

How To Draw A Phoenix Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw the shape of phoenix drawing

how to draw phoenix step by step
how to draw phoenix step by step

Let’s start the first step of the phoenix. Draw one cross line and straight line this lines are helpful to draw the shape of the phoenix.

Next draw the small curve at the middle of the lines and draw the nose of the phoenix with the help of pencil and paper.

Use the flat desk to draw it will helps you to draw a diagram perfectly.

Step: 2 Draw the wings of phoenix

wings of the phoenix
wings of the phoenix

After completing the step one, coming to the step two draw the wings of the phoenix.

Draw the two curved lines from two sides of the head and continue the lines to extent point and draw the small zigzag lines of the wings of the phoenix.

Step: 3 Draw the full shape of the phoenix

phoenix drawing
phoenix drawing

Next, draw zigzag lines straight to the head of the phoenix as well as some small lines under its wings of the phoenix.

Draw the diagram step by step of what we have provided. If you see the drawing article perfectly you can draw the diagram easily.

If you get any mistakes just check it down the provided articles.

Step: 4 Sketch the phoenix with black color

sketch the phoenix
sketch the phoenix

Finally sketch the drawing with black color and erase the base lines which we have drawn at the beginning of the drawing.

Sketching the diagram helps to be more visible and good manners.

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How to draw phoenix step by step
How to draw phoenix step by step
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