How To Draw A Pitbull Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

Hello guys now i would like to show about how to draw a pitbull drawing step by step. If you want to see the tutorial video of the article it is available below. Visit our website for more drawings.

How To Draw A Pitbull Drawing

We have provided you clear and step by step explanation on how to draw pitbull drawing. If you observe the article by step by step. You can draw the pitbull easy.

Step: 1 Draw the face of pitbull

draw the face
draw the face

let’s start the first step of the drawing. First draw the face of the pitbull. Draw the two ears of the pitbull in the shape of leaf.

Draw the circle with small curves and it is attached to the ears of the pitbull.

Step: 2 Draw the face parts and front legs of pitbull

draw the 2 legs
draw the face parts and legs

By following step one; in step two we have to draw the face parts of the pitbull. Draw the oval shape of two eyes and a small line like eyebrows and draw the nose of the pitbull.

Draw mouth after completing face parts now draw the front two legs of the pitbull.

Step: 3 Draw the body of pitbull

draw shape of the body
draw shape of the body

Draw the body of the pitbull. Draw a curved line from the face and extend it to the leg and draw the two legs of the back side.

Step: 4 Draw the tail of pitbull

draw the tail
draw the tail

After completing the three steps. Now draw the tail of the dog. Draw two curved parallel lines of the tail.

We have to shade the half part of the dog with the help of brown sketch. We have to draw back body part, tail and half part of the face. Draw the black color to the nose and eyes of the pitbull.

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How to draw pitbull step by step
How to draw pitbull step by step
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Finally we have done with the how to draw a pitbull drawing. I hope you like the article. If you like the article please visit our website for more drawings.

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