How To Draw A Rainbow Drawing

Hello guys, now I am going to share you how to draw a rainbow drawing in the step by step process. If you have any mistakes to refer we have provided tutorial video on the how to draw a rainbow. Visit our website for more information.

How To Draw A Rainbow Drawing

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In this article we have provided clear information that makes you to draw the picture.

Step:1 Draw the hills in the picture.

Draw the hills.

Let’s start the first step of the drawing on rainbow. First draw the long arc from the left side of the diagram and again draw the arc from right side of the diagram as shown in picture.

Now draw the trees on the hill. When you are drawing you may use pencil and paper. While you are drawing you have maintain a smooth and flat surface of the desk.

Step:2 Draw the seven arcs of the rainbow.

Draw the 7 rows.

After completing the step one, now we have to draw the seven arcs one by one with the help of protractor. Here protractor helps you to draw the arc in the shape of half circle. And draw the sky at the bottom.

Step:3 Draw the green color to the hill.

Draw green color to the hills.

Now draw the color to the hills and trees of the nature with the help of green color.

Draw thick green for hills and light green for some trees.

Step:4 Draw the colors to the rainbow.

color the rainbow.

After completing the above all steps. Next draw the violet color for first ray, thick blue for second ray, light blue for third ray, green color for fourth ray, yellow color for fifth ray, orange color for sixth ray, and red color for seventh ray.

How to draw rainbow step by step
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