How To Draw A Suit Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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How To Draw A Suit Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw the collar of the suit

collar of the suit
collar of the suit

let’s start first of the suit. First draw the collar of the suit draw curved shape for the collar and draw the shoulders of the suit on both sides of the suit.

Draw two straight lines from the collar to waist part. Use the pencil, paper and main thing is to take a flat desk to draw.

Step: 2 Draw the hands of the suit

hands of the suit
hands of the suit

Draw the straight line from shoulder and take a curve for the hand. Draw the pocket of the suit and draw the two buttons of the suit with the help of pencil and paper.

Step: 3 Draw the other hand and shade

shading and draw pockets
draw other hand and shade

Now draw the other hand of the suit. Draw straight line and take curve and draw two parallel lines in the middle of the hand and shade the waist part of the suit.

Step: 4 Shade the suit with pencil

shade fully
shade the suit

After completing the above steps. Now it’s time to shade the suit with the help of pencil.

Shade the suit inside T-shirt and some folding places of the suit. if you follow the above steps clearly you can draw the suit easily and perfectly.

We have provided step by step explanation that can be understand easily. If you follow this steps by step by step you can draw the suit perfectly.

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How to draw suit step by step
How to draw suit step by step
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Finally we have done the suit drawing. I hope you like this article and if you have any questions please comment in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article and spending time to read.

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