How To Draw A Teddy Bear Drawing

In this article we will learn how to draw a teddy bear drawing step by step. Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below for drawing teddy bear.

Video By: Sayah Arts

This article has detailed how to draw teddy bear drawing in three simple steps. You can also refer to the step-by-step guide for drawing the teddy bear with details. It only takes 10-15 mins to draw a perfect neat teddy bear. Please share our article and support us. Let us begin drawing the teddy bear draw in an a4 sheet for better practices.

How to draw a teddy bear drawing easy steps:

Please follow the step by step guide to learn how to draw a teddy bear drawing easy. So lets get started.

Step: 1 Now you have to draw the basic teddy face

how to draw a teddy bear
how to draw a teddy bear

So friend, the first step you have to do for drawing the teddy bear is to draw a circle and draw the ears connecting to the circle and draw a tie if you cannot understand how to draw. See the above video tutorial for more understanding.

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Step: 2 Now you have to complete remaining face

teddy bear drawing
teddy bear drawing

Now draw the eyes. Inside face eyes should be tiny. It looks attractive. Draw a circle after drawing a nose shade with a pencil inside the nose. After draw mouth.

Step: 3 Now you should draw teddy bear legs.

drawing teddy bear
drawing teddy bear

Now draw the body for teddy. After drawing legs for the teddy, draw shoes for the teddy. If you don’t understand the given information, you could follow the diagram by seeing the image given above.

Step:4 Now you have to Do shading

how to draw a teddy bear drawing
how to draw a teddy bear drawing

Now you have to shade ears for teddy with a pencil. Shade the image with a pencil lightly so that it looks cute. Draw a variety of designs for a tie or see the image and follow.

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How to draw teddy bear step by step


I think guys, you have liked the cute little teddy bear drawing . So I think you are satisfied with this image. If you want more information and cannot understand what I say, you are pleased to see the YouTube video. This teddy is so easy to draw. It is easy for everyone, from kids to adults. So I am showing this accessible and friendly image.

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