How To Draw An Elf Drawing

Hi friends, In this article we will show you how to draw an elf drawing step by step. You can watch the below video tutorial on how to draw an elf easy.

How To Draw An Elf Drawing

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Step 1: Draw the eyes of an elf

How to draw an elf step by step

Firstly we should draw the C shape from bottom

then we should draw the eyes. Draw two circles 

and shade the circles. Now these circles become 

eyes of the elf Now draw eyebrows above the eyes. 

Next, draw a small curve in between eyes.

Step 2: Draw the hat of the elf

How do draw an elf easily

Now Draw the hat of elf.First connect both the ends

Of C that we have drawn.Draw W shape till the ends.

Now Draw the curve as shown in the image.Finally draw

A ball shape at the end of the cap. 

Step 3: Draw the Ears and body of elf

How to draw an elf fastly

Draw the ears of the elf and then draw two cross

lines towards down then Draw the hands of the elf.

Step 4: Draw the legs of elf

How to draw an elf simply

Draw the belt for the elf for this to draw a rectangle shape. Draw the legs of

The elf. Now draw the shoes.

Step 5: Color the image of an elf

How to draw an elf drawing

Now draw the colors of your choice and then your elf is ready.

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