How To Draw An Octopus Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hyy to all, welcome to the drawing articles today i want to show you how to draw an octopus drawing easy step by step. If you want to see the tutorial of the video please check below. It is available. Visit our website for more information.

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How To Draw An Octopus Drawing

If you want to know what i have drawn please read the complete article. We have provided the clear and step by step process. It will helps you to draw octopus drawings easily and perfectly by following our steps.

Step:1 Draw a octopus shape

draw a circle
Draw a circle..

Let’s start the first step of the octopus. first draw a circle with the help of pencil and using paper while you are drawing use a smooth and flat surface for better drawing.

Step: 2 Draw the wavy lines of the octopus drawing

octopus drawing easy
octopus drawing easy

By following the step one now draw the wave lines or wavy lines down of the circle. We have to draw 8 wavy lines of the octopus.

Step: 3 Draw the eyes of cute octopus

How to draw cute octopus drawing
How to draw cute octopus drawing

After completing the two steps above now draw the two small oval shaped eyes and mouth as curved line. Rub the pencil line at one side of the octopus.

Draw with the help of black sketch to look good. Draw small dots on the wavy lines.

Step: 4 Coloring the octopus

color octopus drawings
Color octopus

Now draw the pink color to the octopus and yellow color to the small circle shape in the octopus face.

Briefly we can say first draw a circle and draw 8 wavy lines and draw the eyes and mouth of the octopus.

Now draw the pink color to the octopus and yellow color to the small circles inside the octopus face. Draw the dots on the wavy lines of the octopus.

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How to draw octopus step by step
How to draw octopus step by step

Interesting Facts About Octopus

Its eight arms and bulbous head make it one of the most famous ocean creatures. Additionally, since they have no bones, they can squeeze into (or out of) tight spaces.

They have three hearts and blue blood. Additionally, since they use tools, they are quite intelligent. A squid has three hearts, as two pumps blood to its gills and the third circulates blood throughout the body.

A squid has nine brains because each of its 8 arms contains a mini-brain that allows the squid to act independently.

There are three different kinds of hearts in the octopus. Blood is circulated around the body by one heart, and oxygen is taken up by the two other hearts.

Octopuses that have just hatched eat small foods such as copepods, crab larvae, and sea stars. 


I hope you like the octopus drawing. If you like the article please visit our website for more information and more drawing articles. Thanks for reading this article.

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