How To Draw Axolotl Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw axolotl drawing easy step by step. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw an Axolotl easy.

How To Draw Axolotl Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Head Of Axolotl

Drawing Axolotl3

Begin by drawing the features of the salamander’s face. Draw a wide curved line for the smiling mouth and cap it with short curved lines on the ends.

Above, the mouth, draw the eyes. For each, enclose a small oval within a larger one, and shade between them. Draw a curved line below each eye to contour the cheek.Outline the shape of the axolotl’s face. Use a long curved line for the top of the head, and another for the cheek and jaw.

Then, draw the external gills, sometimes referred to as “head ferns” by axolotl enthusiasts. Use a pair of curved lines for each gill, and connect them with short lines at the bottom.

Step 2. Drawing The Body Of Axolotl

Drawing Axolotl2

Use wavy curved lines to enclose the gill filaments. Draw the gills on the opposite side of the head, using a pair of curved lines for each. Begin drawing the gill filaments using a wavy curved line.

Draw the filaments of the remaining gills, using a wavy curved line for each. Then, outline the body. Extend a long curved line above and below the head.

Step 3.Drawing The Legs of Axolotl

Drawing Axolotl1

Draw the foreleg. Use pairs of curved lines for the upper and lower leg, noting bend of the elbow. Enclose the fingers using “U” shaped lines.

Then, extend the belly and begin the rear leg using curved lines.Complete the rear leg, using a series of short curved lines to form the toes and back of the leg.

Then, use two long curved lines that meet at a point to enclose the large, tadpole-like tail. Notice how the line of the tail overlaps with the animal’s back.

Step 4. Coloring The Axolotl

Drawing Axolotl

Contour the side of the body with curved lines. Then, use curved lines to draw the remaining foreleg.

Enclose the remaining rear foot using a series of curved lines. Then, draw two long curved lines down the center of the tail, allowing them to meet at a point.

Color your cute cartoon axolotl.

how to draw axolotl drawing
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the Axolotl. I Hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the axolotl drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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