How To Draw A Church Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw a Church drawing easy step by step. Also Watch the video tutorial on how to draw a Church easy.

How To Draw A Church Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Lines:-

Drawing Simple Church3

Begin by drawing three straight lines, as if drawing an incomplete square. This forms the front section of the church.

Then, draw an inverted “V” shaped line at the top of the shape to form the roof. Next, draw another “V” shaped line parallel to the first. Connect them using short, straight lines.

Draw the church steps. Draw three narrow rectangles at the base of the building, each a bit longer than the one above it.

Step 2. Drawing The Doors of Church

Drawing Simple Church2

Draw three straight, vertical lines on top of the steps. The central line should be taller than the rest. This will form the church doors. Connect the lines at the top using an inverted “V” shaped line.

Draw another “V” shaped line above the first, and connect them using short, straight lines. Draw two small ovals at the center of the central line to indicate the door handles.

Draw windows in the church. Enclose two narrow shapes, using a curved line for the top and sides and a straight line for the bottom. Then, draw a straight, vertical line and several straight, horizontal lines through each to indicate the panes.

Step 3. Drawing The Cross of Church

Drawing Simple Church1

Draw the church steeple. Use three straight lines to enclose a rectangle shape on top of the building. Then, draw a triangle at the top.

Draw a window on the steeple, again using a curved and straight line. Draw the panes using vertical and horizontal lines. Draw a cross on top, outlining a shape like a lowercase letter “t.”Expand the building. Use straight lines to draw a rectangle shape to one side.

Draw a straight line parallel to the bottom to indicate the foundation. Above the rectangle, draw the roof by enclosing half a trapezoid.

Step 4. Coloring The Church

How to draw Church drawing

Expand the building on the opposite side. Again, use straight lines to enclose a rectangle. Draw a horizontal straight line at its base. Then, complete the trapezoid that represents the roof.

Use curved lines to enclose narrow windows on the sides of the building. Draw a cross, like a letter “t,” on each corner of the roof. Color your church.

how to draw simple church drawing
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of The Simple Church. I Hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the church drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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