How To Draw Earth Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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In this article, you will learn how to draw Earth drawing step by step guide. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw earth easy.

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How To Draw Earth Drawing

Are you ready to draw earth? So lets get started with this helpful tutorial.

Step 1. Drawing the Circle for earth

how to draw earth
how to draw earth

Make two marks on your paper, one at the top and one at the bottom. This will determine the height of your Earth.

On the sides, draw two more marks to determine the width of your Earth. Keep the marks at equal distances. Now connect all the marks using curved lines to create a big circle shape. Sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake.

Draw the same curvature for each connecting line for a more circular shape. If you’re struggling to draw the circle, just trace the outer rim of a circular object like a bowl or a lid.

Step 2. Drawing The V shape

how to draw earth 1
how to draw earth drawing

Draw a small, V-shaped line at the top for the first part of North America. To the left, draw a wavy line.

Your lines don’t have to look exactly like mine. As long as they’re similar, it will still look like planet Earth.

Step 3. Extending the continent boundaries

how to draw earth 2
how to draw earth easy

Draw another wavy line below for more of North America. We’re not drawing a photorealistic Earth, so don’t worry if this isn’t exactly what the coast of Canada looks like. Draw the line downward.

About halfway on the circle, draw a thin, U- shaped line for the Florida peninsula.Below that, draw a wavy line for the Gulf of Mexico.

Continue to draw the line to the right, and then curve it down for the right edge of South America.

Step 4. Complete The Earth Drawing

how to draw earth drawing
how to draw earth step by step

Starting at the bottom of your Earth, draw a curved line on the left side for the east coast of South America. Draw another line at the top for the left edge of Mexico.

Make the area connecting North and South America narrow.On the left side, draw a second peninsula for Baja California and then curve the line up for the west coast of the US. To the right of Florida, draw a few small shapes for some Caribbean islands.

On the top, right side of the globe, draw an irregular shape made up of wavy lines for Europe. At the top of your planet Earth, draw a few smaller irregular shapes to represent the UK, Ireland and Iceland.

On the right side of the globe, draw a big, curved shape for the top part of the African continent.

Using a pen or marker, carefully draw over the lines to make your Earth drawing permanent. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.

Thanks for drawing with me.

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How to draw earth step by step
How to draw earth step by step

About Earth:

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbour life. While large amounts of water can be found throughout the Solar System, only Earth sustains liquid surface water.

About 71% of Earth’s surface is made up of the ocean, dwarfing Earth’s polar ice, lakes, and rivers.


That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the Earth, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the earth drawing ,let me know in the comment section.

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