How To Draw For Beginners | 10+ Quick Drawing Tips

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Here are my tips on How To Draw For Beginners. Read it and it will really going to help you in improving drawing skills.

How To Draw For Beginners | 10 Quick Drawing Tips

Tip 1:

Your sketch book is your best friend. Get a good one and stick to it. Bring it everywhere you go and take it out when ever you have a chance to draw. Practice makes perfect and the sketch book will allow you to practice as much as possible.

Tip 2:

Smudging and blending are useful art techniques but don’t over use them. Doing so can make your drawing look really dirt and messy.

Tip 3:

Do not throw away your old drawings. Ever. They will become your best friend when you become a better artist and want to look back on your progress. It is also great to be able to look back on your drawings over the years and see how far you’ve come.

Tip 4:

Focus on the subject more rather than focusing on your drawing. Most of your attention should be on the subject and the drawing should almost be a second thought. Once you become more experienced this will come more naturally.

Tip 5:

However you choose to hold your drawing pencil, make sure that you do not put too much pressure on it and hold it too tightly. Keep it loose and flowing.

Tip 6:

Practice drawing you subject using only contour lines without and shading.

Tip 7:

There is a shading technique called hatching. It’s basically a bunch of diagonal lines drawn close together. This can be very useful for adding shade to your drawing.

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Tip 8:

Try to use tone and value when you draw rather than hard lines. This will make your drawing look more realistic.

Tip 9:

Try an exercise where you just look at a subject while you draw it without looking at your drawing paper. This will teach you to let go of self judgment and also train your hand to be more connected to what you see.

Tip 10:

Another great way to train yourself is to flip a picture upside down and try to draw it. This will force you to forget what you think you know about a picture and draw exactly what you see.

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