How To Draw Girl Face Drawing (Step By Step)

This article will show how to draw girl face drawing step-by-step guide. You can watch the video below to get more detail On how to draw a girl face.

How To Draw Girl Face Drawing Steps

You can also read this article which we had provided a step-by-step guide. On how to draw a girl’s face

Step: 1 Outline the girl face drawing

How To Draw Girl Face step by step
How To Draw Girl Face step by step

In the 1st step of drawing this image, you have to outline the face. The first step for drawing this Girl’s face is drawing an Oval Shape.

Draw the neck connecting to it, draw the ears shown above in the picture, and draw the hair as shown above.

Step: 2 Draw eyes, nose & lips of girl face

girl face drawing
girl face drawing

In the second step of drawing this Girl’s face, we have to draw the eyes: eyebrows and nose and lips of the Girl.

Suppose you have any doubt On the in this. You are always pleased to see the video guide which is provided above.And.Once you complete, Go to the next step. 

Step: 3 Redrawing the eyes, hair & nose of girl face

Draw Girl Face
Draw Girl Face

In the 3rd step of drawing, you have to remodel the face. Draw the eyes how it has been drawn in the image. And Lightly shade the nose. And also shade and draw lines on eyebrows and also change her hairstyles, I always say.

If you have any doubt about this drawing post, please refer to the video. I think you have understood how the face. Have been Drawn

Step: 4 Drawing of lips and hair of girl

How To Draw Girl Face drawing
How To Draw Girl Face drawing

In this step, we have to draw the lips. Please shade how it has been shown. And also, complete the drawing Off The hair. 

Step: 5 Give final touch

How To Draw Girl Face
How To Draw Girl Face

And that’s it. We have almost completed the face drawing, and we have to give the final touch lightly. Shade it lightly in such a part of the ear. And hair sees how the look has come to the drawing.

And I hope you have enjoyed this drawing—step by step guide to drawing a girl’s face. 

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How to draw face drawing step by step

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Thanks for the Drawing. If you have any queries or if you don’t understand any steps, how to draw girl face. Please refer to the video we have provided.

And that’s it if you want to learn more—about a girl face drawing. Thanks.

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