How To Draw Hands Drawing Easy (Step By Step)

In this article we will show you how to draw a realistic hand drawing in three steps please see the tutorial video on how to draw hands so that you can understand how to draw a hand easily.

How To Draw Hands Drawing Easy Steps

You can also see the step by step guide on how to draw hands in realistic way it is easy i prefer to read this article.

Step: 1 Draw the outline of hand

Hands drawing
Hands drawing

So friends, the first step for drawing this hand is to draw the outline in the first step you have to draw the outline ok we will go to the next step after you had completed the outline.

Step: 2 draw the fingers of hand

How To Draw Hands
How To Draw Hands

The next step to draw is fingers on the outline of hand you have drawn draw the fingers and also nails.

Step: 3 Complete the hand drawing

How To Draw Hands drawing
How To Draw Hands drawing

And this is one direction of drawing the hand and also shade the fingers and draw lines on the fingers and that’s it this is one type of drawing a hand.

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Video By: Farjana Drawing Academy


Finally we have completed the drawing of the hand step by step guide thanks for reading how to draw hands article if you have any doubts comment down me below i will try to reply all the comments.

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