How To Draw Ice Cream Cone Drawing

Hey guys, welcome to the drawing articles today I want to show you how to draw ice cream cone drawing easy step by step. If you want to see the tutorial of the video. Its available below visit our website for more information.

How To Draw Ice Cream Cone Drawing

If you have any doubts on this drawing article you can comment below in the comment section. I have provided you the clear and step by step process on how to draw an ice cream cone easy.

Step:1 Draw the shape of the ice cream cone.

Shape of the cone.

Let’s start the first step of the drawing article on ice cream cone. First draw the V shape of the cone draw two big V shapes on the paper and now draw a curve half circle for one ice cream cone and draw the more curves in one curved half circle.

When you drawing you have to use sketch and the paper. While you are drawing you have to maintain a flat and smooth surface surface of the desk.

Step:-2 Draw the shape of the ice cream cone.

Shapes of the ice cream. 1

After the step one, in step two you have to draw the shapes of the ice cream. For the right hand side ice cream you have to draw half circle without any curves.

Next draw the small attaching curves to up and end with the sharp line and this is for the left side ice cream.

Step:-3 Draw the lines on the ice cream cone.

Draw lines in the cone.

Finally, draw the cross lines on the ice cream cone and again draw the opposite lines of the cone. It will implies the realistic ice cream cone. And draw the small dots on the ice cream and add a cherry to the right side of the cone ice cream.

In briefly we can say, first draw the two ice cream cones. Next draw the ice creams as shown in picture. Next draw the lines on the cone and draw again lines in the opposite to first line. Add a cherry to the right side ice cream cone. That’s it.

How to draw icecream cone step by step
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