How To Draw Lips Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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In this article, you will learn how to draw lips drawing step by step guide. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw a lip easy.

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How To Draw Lips Drawing

If you want any kind of this type of articles with easy ways of drawing, visit our website. So are you ready to draw lips? Lets get started with this helpful tutorial.

Step: 1 Drawing lip line

Lips Drawing
Lips Drawing

Simple pencil drawings for beginners step by step. Begin by drawing a straight, horizontal line. This guideline will aid in shaping the upper and lower lip, as well as in positioning the point where the lips meet.

Step: 2 Drawing the curved line

How To Draw A Lips
How To Draw A Lips

Draw a curved line above the horizontal line, enclosing a semicircle. This will form the upper lip. Draw two curved lines on top of the upper lip. This will help shape the contours of the lip.

Step: 3 Drawing upper lip line

How To Draw A Lip
How To Draw A Lip

Draw a small dot at each end of the lips, indicating the corners of the mouth. Then, draw a wavy line between the dots, allowing the line to pass above and below the original horizontal line.

This line defines the shape of the lips at the point where the lips meet.

Step: 4 Drawing bottom lip line

How To Draw Lips Drawing
How To Draw Lips Drawing

Draw a curved line through the bottom lip, further defining its shape. Erase the horizontal guide line from the lips. Detail the lips by drawing short, curved lines of various lengths.

Color your lips. Lips are typically shown as being red or pink, but with a little lipstick, you can make them any color you can imagine.

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Thanks for drawing with me.

How to draw lips step by step
How to draw lips step by step

Interesting Facts About Lips

Lips are a visible body part at the mouth of many animals, including humans.

Lips are soft, movable, and serve as the opening for food intake and in the articulation of sound and speech.

Human lips are a tactile sensory organ, and can be an erogenous zone when used in kissing and other acts of intimacy.

Why our lips looks pink?

It is very thin compared to typical face skin, which has up to 16 layers. With light skin color, the lip skin contains fewer melanocytes. Because of this, the blood vessels appear through the skin of the lips, which leads to their notable red coloring.


That’s it guys , we have finally completed the drawing of a lips, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the drawing ,let me know in the comment section.

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