How To Draw Pikachu Drawing Easy (Step By Step)

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In this article we will learn how to draw pikachu drawing easy step by step drawing you can watch the below video tutorial on how to a draw pikachu.

Video By: Taposi Arts Academy

How To Draw Pikachu Drawing

If you want you can also see the below article on how to draw pikachu easy step by step.

Step: 1 Drawing the ears of pikachu

how to draw a pikachu drawing
how to draw a pikachu drawing

Let’s start with step one. First, take a withe paper and a pencil, then draw both the left and right ears. Make sure that you have a flat base desk to draw the neat diagram without any disturbances.  

Step: 2 Draw the head, eyes and nose of pikachu

pikachu drawing
pikachu drawing

After completion of step one in two we have to draw the head, eyes and nose of the pikachu. First you have to draw a round shaped circle which will be the head of the pikachu. Then draw round eyes and mark the nose and shade these parts.

Step:3 Draw the arms and body of pikachu

how to draw pikachu
how to draw pikachu

After completion of step two, come to step three which was shown in the above picture. Here you have to draw the arms and body of the pikachu. You have already drawn the head and body.

Step:4 Sketch the legs and tail of pikachu

how to draw a pikachu
how to draw a pikachu

Now that you have seen all three steps, here is the final step to draw a pikachu. Here we need to draw the legs and tail of the pikachu after drawing these parts, you need to shade the edges of the pikachu to give it some neatness.

The last step to draw a pikachu is to draw the legs of it as shown above. The goal is to draw it neatly throughout and to concentrate while you are drawing to get a perfect drawing.

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If you want more info about what you draw pikachu you can read the below paragraph so that you can learn more about what you have drawn.

Interesting Facts About Pikachu

  • Pikachu is a short,chubby rodent Pokemon.
  • Pikachu was first introduced his name was actually Jean Luc Pikachu

Read More About pikachu:

In the beginning, Pikachu lived in the woods on the outskirts of Pallet Town as a lonely wild Pichu.

Kangas khan saved Pichu after he fell off a cliff. She took him into her pouch when she realised he had nowhere to go. Pikachu has a real chance of being the most iconic animated character.

It’s been in a video game series that has sold more than 260 million copies globally. It’s part of a trading card game that has shipped more than 21.5 billion cards.


In this article you learn about how to draw pikachu drawing by using above methods. If You Have any doubts comment me below so that i can clarify your doubts and if you want more drawings like this visit our website and i think it is very easy to draw and hope you liked it thanks for reading this article.

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