How To Draw The Ocean Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

In this article, you will learn how to draw the ocean drawing step by step guide. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw a ocean easy.

How To Draw The Ocean Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw the land & ocean

Ocean Drawing
Ocean Drawing

Begin by creating the horizon, which refers to the line where the surface of the ocean and the skies meet. Simply draw a straight vertical line across your paper.

Keep in mind that the line should be positioned right above the middle of your paper. It should divide your paper into two, with the bottom space relatively bigger than the top.

If you need help drawing a perfect straight line, feel free to use a ruler. This will enable you to draw a straight line flawlessly and effortlessly.

Create a space for the sand by drawing a wavy line at the bottom part of your paper. This separates the sand from the ocean.

Step: 2 Draw the sun

How To Draw The Ocean
How To Draw The Ocean

Draw a semicircle above the horizon, which is the vertical line we drew previously. This outlines the sun that is either rising or setting, depending on which you prefer.

Make sure that the sun is drawn in the middle of the horizon to make your drawing look aesthetically pleasing.

Step: 3 Coloring the ocean drawing

How To Draw The Ocean Drawing
How To Draw The Ocean Drawing

As you can see, the ocean has finally come together! Now, all it’s missing is a splash of colors to make your artwork look vibrant.

Now that we have finished drawing an ocean, we will now be moving on to the final and the most enjoyable step.

To create a bright sunny day, we used vibrant yellow for the sun and a combination of a deeper shade of blue, light blue, and white for the sky.

Thanks for drawing with me..

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How to draw ocean step by step
How to draw ocean step by step
Video By: Evan Art


That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the ocean, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the ocean drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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