How To Draw Zeus Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

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Hello everyone, welcome to the drawing articles i will teach you to how to draw zeus drawing step by step. If you want to see tutorial of the video just check below. Video is available. Visit our website for more information.

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How To Draw Zeus Drawing

If you have any questions regarding the zues drawing article. You can comment in the comment section. We have provided you more information and step by step process of drawing.

Step:-1 Draw the shape of the zeus face

Draw shape of the face of zues.
Draw shape of the face of zues.

Let’s the first step of the zeus drawing. First draw the shape of the face.

Draw the curved lines and draw the eyes of the face as small curved lines and draw round shape in it.

After draw the eyebrows of the face as draw an a double arc of the face as shown in the figure. When you are drawing you can use sketch pen and paper and while you are drawing you have to maintain a smooth and flat surface of the desk.

Step:-2 Draw the mustache of the zues.

Draw the mustache
Draw the mustache of the zeus.

By following the step one, now draw the mustache of the zeus. Draw the nose of the zues and draw mustache of the two sides of the face.

Step:-3 Draw the hair and beard hair of the zeus.

Draw hair of the zeus.
Draw hair of the zeus.

After completing the step one, Now draw the hair and beard hair of the zeus. Draw the number of curves of the beard hair of the zeus as shown in the figure and draw a mouth.

After draw the hair of the zeus.

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How to draw zeus step by step
How to draw zeus step by step

About zues

Ancient Greek mythology explains Zeus to be the sky god. All humans and gods consider Zeus to be their father, protector, ruler, and ruler of all.

In addition to symbols such as the lightning bolt and an eagle, Zeus is often depicted as an old man with a beard. Because Zeus used both intelligence and power to gain power, he became the most important god, and he used his intelligence to avoid being overthrown by a stronger successor.

Justice was important to him, and he granted rights and privileges to the other gods in return for their loyalty.

The Greek god Zeus had a variety of powers and was the most powerful. Lightning bolts were one of his most recognizable abilities. Lightning bolts were transported on a winged horse, Pegasus, and retrieved by an eagle.


I hope you like zeus drawing. If you want to know more about what I have drawn read the above paragraph to know what i have drawn. thanks for reading this article and spending time to read.

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