How To Turn A Photo Into A Pencil Drawing?

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Step 1: Select a photo to turn into a pencil drawing.

Step 2: Open the photo in your favorite image editor and make sure there is enough contrast between the object that you want to draw and its background for the AI to detect it.

Step 3: In Photoshop, go to File -> Automate-> Send To -> Create Drawings from Selection

In GIMP, go to Filters -> Render -> Drawing from Selection

In Affinity Photo, go to Tools -> Create Drawings from Selection

Step 4: Save the resulting file as a .psd file so you can edit it later if needed.

6 Ways To Turn Photos Into Drawings

  1. Trace Photos: Trace the outline of the photo, then fill in with colors and details.
  2. Draw On Photos: Draw on top of photos to create new scenes and artworks.
  3. Stick Pins In Photos: Place pins around a photo and draw what you see in your head.
  4. Cut And Paste: Cut out pieces from one photo and paste them onto another photo to create a scene or storyboard for a comic strip or animation.
  5. Draw Outlines: Choose an image and draw the outline of what you see in your head while looking at it for inspiration (e.g., a sunset).
  6. Draw With Tools: Use pens, pencils, markers, brushes, etc., to add color and texture to photos

What Is The Best App To Turn Photos Into Drawings?

Drawing apps enable you to turn your photos into artwork. Some of these apps make use of artificial intelligence to generate drawings that look like they were created by an artist.

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There are a lot of drawing apps that can help you turn photos into drawings with just a few clicks. Some of these apps even offer the option to add different filters and textures to your photo before turning it into a drawing. So, if you want to try your hand at digital painting, this is the perfect app for you!

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