What Is Cartoon Drawing and How To Draw It?

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What Is Cartoon Drawing?

Cartoon Drawing is an art that can be done with or without the use of color. This article will go over the basics of drawing cartoons; the techniques, tips, and tricks to mastering it.

What Makes Cartoon Faces So Popular?

Cartoon faces are popular because they are funny, different and eye catchy. They can be used in many ways including being used as logos. Cartoon features are commonly found in comics, online cartoons, and children’s books.

Cartoon faces are also often used in marketing for products or services that have to do with children or toys. The cartoon’s bright colours and emotions grab the attention of children, making them more likely to buy the product.

The Different Types Of Cartoons?

There are different types of cartoons. They can be drawn, drawn on paper, drawn on computer, drawn using animation software etc.

Animated cartoons are often seen as more complex than traditional cartoon-taking longer to produce and requiring high-end computer graphics.

Comic strips are typically black and white with limited animation or line drawings that use speech balloons to convey dialogue.

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Drawing Perspective

Perspective drawing is a process where you can imagine the way an object will look when viewed from a certain point.

A perspective drawing is the representation of a three-dimensional object on a two dimensional surface. It uses shapes and mathematically calculated lines to show how far away an object is, and how it appears to widen and grow larger as it recedes into the distance.

What is Pictorial Language?

Pictorial languages are visual languages that use images to convey messages. They are becoming more popular in today’s digital world because they are so easy to understand and deliver information quickly.

How To Draw Cartoon Characters In 6 Steps!

1. Draw a line and shape for the body of the character

2. Add arms and legs

3. Add facial features with features such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc.

4. Give the character some clothes or accessories

5. Add finishing touches such as hair and shading

6. Add background details to make it more interesting

Tips On How To Draw A Cartoon Face

Draw a Cartoon Face – Starting with the Head

There are a few different ways to draw a cartoon face, but they all start with the head. The first step is to make sure you have the right proportions. A head should be about one-third of the total height of your drawing.

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Make sure that you draw circles for eyes, and then add a simple circle for a nose and mouth below it. Add some hair to the top of their head, then add another circle that’s slightly smaller than the one for eyes for pupils. Finish off by adding features like ears, eyebrows, and eyelashes before you add in any clothing or other accessories

How To Draw Cartoon Eyes?

Drawing an anime eye can be tricky because of the shape and size of the eye. The following is a set of drawing instructions for how to add eyes to a cartoon.

Draw two circles. One should be big and the other should be smaller. The big circle should be on top of the smaller one.

Connect the outer edges of both circles with a curved line inside them, like an eyelid. Draw a straight line from where the smaller circle connects with the bigger one to where it touches the outside edge of both circles. Extend this line so that it curves back in at each side, making an eye shape.

Fill in all these shapes with black color and erase any extra lines or shapes so that you have just two black circles with curved lines running through them, looking like eyelids over two eyes below them, which are also filled in with black color.

How To Draw Ears Of A Cartoon?

The ears are one of the most recognizable features of a cartoon drawing.

The ears are always drawn in pairs, but their size can vary depending on the character’s personality. Sometimes, to emphasize the character’s animal side, we make them too big or we make them too small.

For larger-sized characters like bears and elephants, we draw their ears in a way that is proportionate to their large head and body.

If you want to draw a child’s cartoon drawing, then you should use thinner lines for the ears and add some curves near the top part of it. If you want to add an additional element like color dots or stripes on the ear then keep them light and small in size.

How To Draw Cartoon Nose Easy?

There are different ways to draw a cartoon nose. Some of them are simple and some require a little more practice. The basic steps for drawing a cartoon nose are using a round cross-hatch to give it volume, drawing the nostrils in the correct place, and adding some shadows for depth.

Using these steps, you can easily create your own cartoon nose in just five minutes!

Drawing noses may seem like hard work but is actually quite easy with these steps. You can also experiment with different styles or techniques if you’re creative.

Drawing Hands Of A Cartoon

One of the most important parts in terms of gesture is the hands. In this case, our character is reaching for something so we can see two hands with five fingers each. To draw these hands, we’ll use a series of lines from each wrist to each palm with an oval shape created from those lines at their base.

Now that we have our hand shapes in place, we can add in details like individual fingers and fingernails by drawing thin lines within the shape of the palm.

how to draw catroons
how to draw catroons


Cartoon characters are fun and easy to draw, which makes them a staple of children’s entertainment. However, drawing a character from scratch can take a long time. But with the practice you can easily master it.

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